The Races

In Ultra Máximus we are developing ideas for exciting and challenging sport activities and events, that allow everyone to get out of their confort zone and dare to visit new places, practice new distances and establish higher goals.


RATCU: El Barraco is going to take place on the weekend of october 31 and november 01 

We see the disastruos concequences of the COVID-19 and we think that everybody is gonna need motivation and opportunities to catch a break and recover. Is in that spirit that we have banded together in a effort to prepare a series of races, so defying that you will fell compelled to participate.

With help and support from athletes and friends from different countries and our extensive experience developing events in La Sierra de Gredos, like the Orienteering Races Máximus-O-Meeting (MoM), we decide to make the jump and start with the most appealing idea we had, a battle of endurance against the clock, a titan's challenge: The RATCU: El Barraco.

Next race in line will be the RATCU: El Barraco, we this to be one more of many to enjoy. 
This will mark the beggining of many sports competitions we have in mind, and throught our friends, the RATCU will be known in other european countries and the world.


The Run around the clock ULTRA is an ultra distance trail run that take place in a circular track with repeats every 2 hours until only one participant stands that can overcome the lap within the establshed time.

Orienteering Races

Map, compass, and markers on the terrain, everything is ready and team Maximus have all prepared for you to compete with the best athletes of Europe. Like we do in Máximus-o-Camp, with higher level planned training, or in events like the Máximus-O-Meeting.

Vertical Kilometer

A super fast ascent of a thousand meters in a mountain race on a 7 km track aprox. What do you need to win? Test your strenght and speed, and find the answer.