Run Around the Clock ULTRA: Burgohondo

The RATCU: Burgohondo is a ultra trail international running event. This "Run around the clock ULTRA" or RATCU, it's gonna be held two weeks after the confinament ends and when authorities allow outdoor sport events. It will be the first ultra distance race of this kind to be done in Spain, in the spirit of "LAST MAN STANDING" event.

The date for the race is july 25 and 26. We estimate, given the current news, Spain and health authorities will allow by that time to reopen operations with enough freedom to do the race. That said, we are cautious of all incoming information and advice every subscriber that this date is due to changes and reschudule.

The RATCU is a trail run done in laps of 14 km (8,7 miles) and 350 D+/- each. The runner have to run as many times as he/she can, within a 2 hours time limit for each loop.

It begins with a mass start of all participants and after 2 hours the survivors of the lap, that finished within the time limit, start again the next run.

Those participants that don't get back within the time limit or are unable to start again at the next mass start, are disqualified and taken out of the ranking to favour the survivors.

The place for this first RATCU is the beautiful town of Burgohondo. It is located in Avla's province, not far from Madrid, between Sierra de Gredo and La Paramera.
  • It begins here!

    In the next few days we will have all our media sites informing of our plans so we activate with a new challenge that will allow every trail runner to shake out the effects of confinament, with one goal so hard to achieve that not everyone will survive.

    Train all that you can!

  • Tracing the route

    We found the ideal place, a magnificent example of nature and mountain, a fast track with an afordable elevation, but don't fool yourselves, this is not the usual challenge, you must plan and estrategize or you will not be able to keep up and win this one.

  • Medals!

    All particpants of the RATCU recibe a medal to honor the effort of completing at least one lap of the track. It's a prize and a memento that will serve as a reminder of the strenght we need to be the best.



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RATCU around the world

Our friends of TrailorUltra from Bulgary, are totally prepared and just waiting to hold the Run Around The CLock ULTRA: Kladnitsa, Bulgary. 
This other edition will take place in the mountain next to Kladnitsa village. Just like our edition, they expect to do it 2 weeks after the confinement it's over. The track distance is 11,6 km (7.2 miles) with 525 meters D+/-. 
We invite you to visit their web site and see for yourself the amazing challenge they have prepared for every ultra distance nut out there.